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Ohio’s farmers are stronger together. We need you to help us set the record straight and educate regulators, legislators and consumers about Ohio’s corn and small grain industries. When you become a member of Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association, you build our collective strength and help us fight even harder for you.

Your membership matters. Because we value our members, we provide a number of benefits to help you succeed as an Ohio farmer.

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“We are a small percentage of the economy and we must advocate for ourselves. Our voice is stronger together.”

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Member Benefits

What does the association do for me? 

We work directly with lawmakers and elected officials to propel legislation that supports you and your farm — at the state and federal level. We fight to preserve your freedom to farm and ensure that your operation is profitable for generations to come. We are the only Ohio organization dedicated to expanding the demand for ethanol, a valuable market for your corn. 

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I already contribute to the checkoff, why do I need to join the association?

By law, checkoff dollars cannot support policy and advocacy. Joining the association is the only way to help us educate and lobby elected officials and policymakers in support of agriculture and Ohio corn and small grain farmers.


What do I get when I become a member?

You’ll get security and peace of mind from knowing that we have your back and are advocating for you at the Statehouse and in D.C.  

We also offer exclusive programming to our members that provides leadership training and engagement opportunities at the state and national level. 

Our members get access to additional benefits, including health and disability insurance, as well as discounts to retailers nationwide.


$200 Seed Coupon – With a 3-year membership, you will receive a $200 seed coupon that is honored by more than 20 seed companies in Ohio.

Grassroots Advocacy — Make your voice heard at the Statehouse and in Washington on important issues like market access and ethanol — membership dollars, not checkoff dollars, drive advocacy.

Scholarships — College scholarship opportunities are available for you or your children.

Commodity Classic — Attend the national member meeting and trade show, Commodity Classic, at a discounted rate and join farmers from across the U.S. to learn about the latest technology and innovations in the industry.

Leadership Development — Develop your leadership skills and better serve your community through members-only programs.

Communications — Get insightful and up-to-date communications, including emails with the latest news impacting your farm and community.

Valuable Perks — Receive discounts at local seed companies, Cabela’s, Dell, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Office Depot and hotels across the country.

National Corn Yield Contest — Compete in the National Corn Yield Contest to encourage the development of new, sustainable and innovative management practices for higher yields.

Consumer Education — Support efforts to help the general public understand and support modern agriculture.

Invitations to Exclusive OCW Events — Membership allows you to be invited to events like the Celebration of Ohio Corn & Wheat and other events throughout the year that you don’t want to miss.

Stewardship Education — Improve management practices to help achieve your goals to be good stewards of the land through sustainable farming initiatives.


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