Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association

Board Members

We believe in the adage that you get back what you put in.

This is certainly true for those farmers who decide to step up and take a leadership role in Ohio’s corn and small grains industries.

Our board members are focused on the future of Ohio corn and small grains farmers. They are responsible for strategic planning, setting organizational priorities and, overall, providing farmers with the tools, knowledge and resources to effectively grow their business. Our board members continue to be a strong voice for Ohio’s grain farmers.

2019/2020 Board Members

Lawrence Onweller
Tyler Drewes
Patty Mann
Anthony Bush
Ben Klick
Jeremy Edgar
Michael Vallery
John Hoffman
John Settlemyre

Members at Large

Jed Bower
John Davis
Kelly Harsh
Aaron Heilers
Jon Miller

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Map of Association Board Members by County

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