Policy Priorities

Ethanol Policy

We value further development of the ethanol supply chain at home and abroad to:

increase demand for domestic corn, promote consumer choice at the pump and establish a cleaner and more renewable alternative to petrochemical additives in fuels.

Our Association Objectives:

  • Continue to build infrastructure to support year-round sales of Unleaded 88 (E15) and other higher blends of ethanol.
  • Support a new national fuel economy standard for High Octane-Low Carbon fuels by establishing 98 RON as the minimum octane fuel standard for mid-level blends.
  • Pass legislation in the Ohio General Assembly to support tax credits to retailers of ethanol blends above E10.
  • Support international market development efforts to increase exports of domestically-produced ethanol and ethanol coproducts.
  • Support and encourage the development and adoption of renewable fuel standards in international markets.

Your 2022 Voter Guide

On November 8th of this year, all of Ohio’s 15 Congressional Seats and one of our U.S. Senate Seats are on the ballot.

Our first-ever Voter Guide provides Ohio’s grain farmers with a direct perspective from the candidates vying for these seats in Congress.

View the Voter Guide here.