Your affiliation with Ohio Corn & Wheat is amplified across the state and around the world through our wide network of collaborative partners.

National Corn Growers Association

Creating opportunities for corn growers, OCWGA members are automatically a member of NCGA.

National Association of Wheat Growers

Focusing on policy that affects wheat growers across the country, NAWG lobbies for positive public policy for wheat growers.

U.S. Grains Council

The USGC works to develop export markets for barley, corn, grain sorghum and related products like ethanol and distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS). Together, OCW and USGC promote U.S. feed grains in more than 50 countries with 10 international locations.

U.S. Wheat Associates

Wheat is in demand around the world. US Wheat Associates plays a role in helping wheat from Ohio and the United States find markets to meet that demand.

Wheat Foods Council

With a mission to increase awareness of dietary grains as an essential component of a healthy diet, Wheat Foods Council helps OCW share educational and promotional information about wheat.

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Representing farmers of all specialties, Farm Bureau partners with OCW on policy and legislative efforts that affect Ohio agriculture.

Ohio Soybean Council

Collaborating with Ohio Soybean Council helps to leverage our dollars and resources: a win-win for all grain farmers. OSC is a key partner in all water conversations.

Ohio Livestock Coalition

Through the Ohio Livestock Coalition, we support and partner with the livestock industry.

U.S. Meat Export Federation

Livestock is an important corn customer. USMEF creates new opportunities and develops existing international markets for U.S. beef, pork, lamb and veal.

American Coalition for Ethanol

The American Coalition for Ethanol pulls resources together of stakeholders in the Ethanol industry and works toward creating demand and encouraging policy that is ethanol friendly.

Renewable Fuels Association

The Renewable Fuels Association is a coalition of those invested in the ethanol industry ranging from auto manufactures to elevators and growers’ associations.

Growth Energy

Growth Energy focuses its resources on bettering the ethanol industry and all that encompasses. Ranging from policy to market demand, Growth Energy works with its members to leverage a voice for ethanol.

Ohio Ethanol Producers Association

Working together is essential for the success of the ethanol industry in our state. OEP gathers Ohio ethanol plants and affiliate partners to focus on relevant policy and market demand.

Center For Food Integrity

As a member of CFI, we join with others who understand the significant challenges the food industry faces and aspire to meet those challenges head-on with innovative approaches to building consumer trust.

U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance

USFRA brings together organizations representing all aspects of agriculture to engage in dialogue with consumers who have questions about how today’s food is grown and raised.


Reaching out to consumers in a relatable way is important. CommonGround is a group of farm moms who share their personal message about agriculture.


As a member of ProExporter, we are provided resources about markets, predicted prices, acreage and market insights.

Waterways Council, Inc.

Our inland waterways are a vast national treasure that facilitate the safest, most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation mode for essential commodities. Through our membership, we strive to keep this system operating efficiently and reliably.

The Ohio State University

As a premier land grant institute, we proudly partner with OSU for many research projects focused on agronomic practices, water quality and nutrients.


Promoting personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education, we partner with Ohio FCCLA to educate them on the benefits of baking with Ohio’s soft red winter wheat.

Alpha Zeta Partners, Ohio State

Working with Alpha Zeta Partners gives us an opportunity to interact with bright individuals that will be entering all aspects of our industry.

Center for Innovative Food Technology

As a member of CIFT, we are granted an inside look at the upcoming trends in food technology and given access to research projects related to production practices and methods of all commodities.

Ohio FFA

As a partner of Ohio FFA, we are investing in the next generation of agriculturalists and industry leaders.

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