Policy Priorities

Water Quality Policy

We value and support conservation management that promotes clean water and healthy soils.

In that spirit, we support additional efforts to manage water and nutrients in the Western Lake Erie Basin and in all of Ohio’s watersheds. We want to keep farm nutrients on the farm and out of our waterways.

Our Objectives:

  • Pass legislation in the Ohio General Assembly to support local conservation efforts through county soil and water conservation districts.
  • Support H2Ohio initiative to improve water quality and protect the long-term sustainability of family farms in Ohio.
  • Support voluntary 4R Certification program to increase the applied knowledge of soil and water conservation management on the farm.
  • Support the ongoing efforts of the Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative.
  • Support the collaboration between Ohio’s farm and environmental interests in working together to address the state’s water and nutrient management challenges.
  • Support and encourage all fertilizer retailers to become 4R Nutrient Stewardship certified.
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