We believe exports are vital for Ohio’s economic development and our farmers’ opportunities.

Not only do we engage in the export discussion but we also host international guests who are interested in learning more about Ohio agriculture and can assist in opening new channels for corn and small grain exports. Hosting international guests and investing in missions have resulted in purchases, contracts and strong relationships.


We also take the Ohio agriculture story on the road.

Our market study missions allow us to network with people in other countries who are in need of our products while also allowing us to see firsthand how agriculture is done in other countries. We gain a better understanding of how competitive other countries truly are in the agriculture global marketplace. This understanding is key to helping us invest in programs designed to not only help us stay competitive, but allow us to remain at the top of the global marketplace.

New world markets are emerging and the checkoff investment we are making will help ensure that Ohio farmers are able to fully participate in these new markets. 

To accomplish Ohio’s global export goals, we leverage our checkoff dollars with other states as members of U.S. Grains Council (Corn), U.S. Wheat Associates (Wheat), U.S. Meat Export Federation (Beef & Pork) and U.S.A. Poultry & Egg Export Council (Chicken, Turkey & Eggs). These partners provide Ohio farmers direct access to a worldwide network of offices and staff. Their expertise in culture, policies, market intelligence, logistics and preferences provides a connection between Ohio farmers and our export customers around the world which paves the way for trade to happen.

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