Emerging Leader Summit

The Ohio Corn & Wheat Emerging Leader Summit engages growers and ag professionals from around the state.

Our goal is to encourage and prepare Ohio’s grain producers to become more involved with grassroots programs and our organizations. Ohio agriculture needs leaders for the future that will continue to advance our industry and respond to the major challenge facing Ohio grain producers.

Participants in the program will be immersed in sessions to develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership, communications, and advocacy. Program elements include:

  • Understanding the functions of membership organizations and commodity checkoff programs
  • Reviewing Ohio Corn & Wheat programs
  • Giving strong personal introductions in group and individuals contexts
  • Developing stage presence for delivering short remarks to a group
  • Building skills in networking, business, and dining etiquette
  • Networking at a legislative reception
  • Understanding the legislative process
  • Discussing industry issues with experts
  • Visiting state legislators
  • Touring the Ohio Statehouse
  • Practicing interviews with media
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Program participants will also receive a one-on-one coaching session after the Summit and may be invited to additional programs.

Each year, a limited number of spots are available for the Emerging Leader Summit and there is no cost to participants. Questions about the Emerging Leader Summit can be directed to Kim Schriver at kschriver@ohiocornandwheat.org or (740) 201-8088.

Ohio Corn & Wheat Emerging Leader Summit Application

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