On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, Marysville residents Allen and Jaime Geyer hosted an international trade team from Mexico on their family farm. The visit brought three senior leaders from a large Mexican agriculture company offering logistics, origination, commercialization, project development and consultation to Marysville and was coordinated by Ohio Corn & Wheat and U.S. Wheat Associates. 

“This is our first in-person trade visit since COVID restrictions were lifted,” said Brad Moffitt, director of market development and membership for Ohio Corn & Wheat. “One of our jobs as an agriculture commodity organization is to build demand for Ohio-grown crops. And being able to get Ohio farmers face-to-face with potential buyers from around the world makes all the difference.”

The 1,200-acre Geyer family farm is home to one of The Ohio State University’s (OSU) five wheat performance test sites located across the state. This test plot allows OSU researchers to experiment in real farm conditions and gather data that can be used by other Ohio farmers to improve their crop management practices and overall harvest. Overseen by OSU Associate Professor Laura Lindsey, who has a doctorate in crop and soil sciences, the test plots are actively managed by Technician Matt Hankinson and Allen Geyer. 

While the entire Geyer family works together to farm their land, the test plots are located in a field that belongs to their two sons, Jarod (age 24) and Travis (age 20) who collaborate to make key decisions about planting, harvesting and nutrient management. The two also fund the farming of the test field—from the profits of renting the land, purchasing seeds and operating the equipment.  

The Geyers have been part of the Marysville agriculture community for many years, managing a local 4-H club since the early 2000s. “Having our children involved in agriculture has taught them the life skills they need to be successful adults,” said Jaime Geyer. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”