When you hear the word Carbon, does your mind immediately jump to the Carbon credits that were all the rage in 2018? Stop right there.

There is something different in the Carbon conversation, and corn farmers need to be aware and educated.

Very soon you may find that ethanol plants are asking you for your Carbon Intensity Score (CI score). That’s a measure of how much Carbon your corn can account for. Ethanol plants care about that score because the more low-Carbon corn they buy to make ethanol, the more tax credits they can take advantage of as early as January 1st.

To be ahead of the curve on this will be a big deal for corn growers — but it will mean being the first to try something new.

Listen to this episode of Kernels with Ohio Corn & Wheat to hear Tadd Nicholson, Marlene Eick, and Luke Crumley go over what a CI score is, how you find out yours, and just how much we really don’t know yet.