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Ohio Corn & Wheat works to create opportunities for long-term Ohio corn and small grain grower profitability and houses two checkoffs and one membership-based organization.

Investment in The Ohio Corn Checkoff and Ohio Small Grains Checkoff helps to develop and expand markets, fund research and provide education about corn and wheat, respectively.

The Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association is a membership-funded organization advocating for supportive public policy on behalf of its nearly 2,000 farmer members.



Marlene Eick

    • Email:
    • Mobile: (614) 570-7589
    • Marlene can provide photos and video, as well as connections with grower members and organizational leadership.


Availability of other member growers and leaders of the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association, the Ohio Corn Marketing Program, and Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program are available upon request.

Tadd Nicholson
  • Association Membership
  • Checkoffs (corn and wheat)
  • Ethanol
  • Infrastructure
  • Input Costs (fertilizer, seed)
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Regulation: Atrazine, Glyphosate
  • Tax Policy
  • Trade (tariffs, expanding markets for ethanol, etc.)
  • Water Quality

Tadd Nicholson has served as the executive director for the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA), the Ohio Corn Marketing Program (OCMP) and the Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program (OCMP) since 2011. In this role, he is responsible for carrying out the programs of the producer driven corn and small grains checkoff boards. Nicholson oversees all programs’ market development and promotion activities, as well as its educational, communication and research projects.

He is charged with the checkoff program’s mission of increasing corn and small grains demand and usage through new technology and increased market opportunities. His responsibilities also include the development and implementation of legislative, educational, communication and grassroots programs for a statewide OCWGA membership base. Specific activities include developing strategy to mobilize members and empower them to play an active part in the state and national political process.

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