Half of the wheat grown in the United States is exported. Read that again. Half of the wheat grown in the United States is exported.

If 50% of your product is going somewhere, wouldn’t you want a good relationship with your buyer?

That’s why the Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program invests in international trade promotion of soft red winter wheat through the U.S. Wheat Associates.

In August a group of grain buyers from Colombia visited Ohio to see what they could be buying. They got a first-hand look at the wheat straight out of the bin at Drewes Farms, toured Mennel Milling in Fostoria, and met with The Andersons in Toledo.

This group of seven company executives represented 80% of the wheat bought by Colombian grain companies. We cannot stress enough how huge this was. There were heads of quality control, CEOs, vice presidents, and head merchandisers on this trade mission.

While they were at Drewes Farms they got to see the quality of Ohio’s wheat crop first-hand. Tyler Drewes, serving on the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association Board of Directors, hosted a tour and dinner at his family’s operation. Everyone got to talk, share a meal, and hear each others’ needs to have a better trade relationship.

It all comes down to quality and price. Ohio’s wheat is a higher price point. And, it’s some of the best wheat in the world. Trade missions like this put that quality into the hands of decision makers. In the end, increased international demand for wheat benefits every Ohio wheat grower.

Hear Wendy Osborn, Ohio Corn & Wheat’s Director of Market Development, explains this and more by listening to Kernels, a podcast by Ohio Corn & Wheat.