Ohio Corn & Wheat believes in a consumer’s choice to spend their resources however best for them and their family. A key aspect of consumer choice is access to sustainable, renewable, high-performing, lower-cost liquid fuels. Ohio Corn & Wheat continues to promote higher blends of ethanol in conventional gasoline that drastically reduce tailpipe emissions while using one of America’s most readily available and renewable resources: corn from American farm families.

The new proposal released today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency refuses to acknowledge the environmental benefits of using ethanol, instead focusing on the less popular and more expensive alternative of electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, the average American consumer drives a vehicle with an internal combustion engine that already uses ethanol blends to reduce their carbon footprint. Focusing on only electric vehicles to lower emissions ignores the extreme amounts of infrastructure needed for that undertaking, while also being tone deaf to the immediate and long-term needs of the average American consumer. While Ohio Corn & Wheat supports all avenues to lower emissions, today’s proposal from the EPA is short-sighted.

Ohio Corn & Wheat will continue working with the National Corn Growers Association to be vocal advocates for Ohio corn growers on the EPA’s proposed rule.

Read the National Corn Growers Association’s statement here.