Have you heard about the new water quality research project in the Shallow Run Watershed?

If you’re a grain farmer in northwest Ohio, you’ll want to take note of this new water quality research project.

The Pilot Watershed Project is using new incentives for voluntary participation. By signing up, you can earn personal incentive payments, access to discounted equipment leases, funding for your local schools and community, and more — not to mention you can save money on your Phosphorus placement, maintain your high yields, and learn about the benefits of different nutrient management practices.

Subsurface Phosphorus placement is a proven way to prevent P waste due to runoff and over-application.

Dr. Jay Martin is a Professor of Ecological Engineering in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University and is the Project Director for the Pilot Watershed project in the Shallow Run Basin. He joined Ohio Corn & Wheat staff on an episode of the Kernels podcast and shared more details about the project.

Find that episode here.

The Ohio Corn Marketing Program is proud to be a supporter of this project.

Learn more about the project at https://u.osu.edu/wilsonlab/current-projects-and-publications/pilot-watershed-project/. Get involved by contacting Dr. Jay Martin by email at Martin.113@osu.edu.

The largest sponsors and contributors of this project include USDA-NRCS ($6.8M), and the State of Ohio ($6M) via the Ohio Department of Agriculture and H2Ohio and Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Agricultural retailers including Nutrient Ag Solutions, Heritage Cooperative, Haselman Ag, and Sunrise Cooperative are supporting the project by contributing a total of $207,000 of personnel time. Other contributors include SWCD-Hardin County, The National Center for Water Quality Research at Heidelberg University, USDA Conservation Effects Assessment Program, USDA Agricultural Research Service-Soil Drainage Research Unit, Mosaic, Ohio Agribusiness Association-Nutrient Stewardship Council, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Ohio Dairy Producers, Ohio Soybean Council, Ohio Corn and Wheat, American Farmland Trust, United States Geological Survey, Ohio Sea Grant, National Wildlife Federation, Lake Erie Foundation, and The Nature Conservancy. Contributions of personnel time are also being made by academic partners supporting the project (OSU, BGSU, Kent State U,. and U. Toledo).