John Linder of Edison, Ohio was elected to serve on the National Corn Growers Association(NCGA) board for a three-year term during Corn Congress.

Linder is a 5th generation grain farmer with years of experience working on behalf of corn and agriculture.

“I am honored to serve this industry that is so important to my family and our country,” Linder said.

“For me, it is all about giving back,” he said. “Agriculture has been so good to us, and my family has been able to enjoy farming for many years. We feel very bullish about agriculture still and love farming. The opportunity to give back and see a future for our children is motivation enough.”

During his three-year term, he will combine hands-on leadership experience that he has gained from his current and past leadership experiences. Linder is a board member of the Ohio Corn Checkoff and recently served a two-year term as chairman.

Linder was elected during Corn Congress, a national policy meeting where farmer delegates of the respective corn state associations discuss grassroots policy. Corn Congress allows farmers to speak directly with representation in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

The NCGA Corn Board is a 15-member board representing America’s corn industry charged with implementing the policies that guide the organization to best serve U.S. corn farmers. Board members represent the federation of state organizations, and acts as spokesmen to enhance the organization’s public standing.