The National Corn Growers Association’s Corn Board has elected John Linder to become the organization’s first vice president for the next fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

Linder, along with his brother, Mike, and wife, Cheryl, run a fifth-generation farm raising corn, soybeans, soft red winter wheat and soybeans for seed in Edison, Ohio (Morrow County). In addition to traditional row crop farming, he also has livestock experience. Linder is a member of the Ohio Corn Marketing Program board of directors.

“I am honored my fellow Corn Board volunteers placed their trust in me and granted me the distinct privilege of becoming a part of the organization’s leadership,” said Linder. “Today’s American corn farmers face an ever-changing landscape with numerous challenges, as well as opportunities, on the horizon. It is imperative that we work with our partners in government, in industry and in the public to grow markets at home and abroad. I sincerely look forward to working with our grower leadership to find innovative, impactful ways to grow the markets and the future for U.S. corn farmers.”

“The farmers who have stepped forward and volunteered to lead the National Corn Growers Association have built this organization’s strong history of success. As a Corn Board, we believe that John will continue this fine tradition,” said NCGA President Lynn Chrisp. “Our Corn Board appreciates the keen insight he brings to our discussions and the dedication he continually demonstrates to benefit all farmers. We are confident that he will continue working tirelessly on their behalf.”

On the national level, Linder serves as the NCGA Corn Board liaison to the Market Access Action Team and chairs the Finance Committee. Additionally, he represents NCGA at the National Coalition for Food and Agriculture Research.

“John has been a tireless advocate representing corn farmers in Ohio and I am pleased that he will continue to share his experience and expertise as an advocate for corn growers across the country,” said Jon Miller, president of the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association.

On Oct. 1, Chrisp, of Nebraska, becomes chairman and the current first vice president, Kevin Ross of Iowa, becomes NCGA president. In October 2020, Ross becomes chairman and Linder becomes president.