“How does Ohio Corn & Wheat feel about electric vehicles?” We get the question more than you would expect.

Even with the rising popularity of electric vehicles, we believe both technologies – electric and internal combustion engine – have a place.

Americans deserve a choice at the pump. You choose how to fuel your life and your family, and the government shouldn’t be taking choices away from you. Electric vehicles may work for some people in some regions, but we know for most, a liquid fuel choice is still the best.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been lax on questions when it comes to electric vehicle production, and the White House is putting the pedal to the metal on electric vehicles being the main mode of transportation for Americans. We know that isn’t realistic, and that putting all our energy into one technology is a recipe for disaster.

This issue isn’t political, or at least it shouldn’t be.

If the goal of the government is to have a low-carbon fuel supply, higher blends of ethanol used in an internal combustion engine can help with that right now. A “green” future is reliant on multiple solutions working toward a common goal.

Here is a great article from the National Corn Growers Association explaining how the EPA needs to reconsider its approach to greenhouse gas emissions: https://www.ncga.com/stay-informed/media/in-the-news/article/2023/07/ninety-plus-trade-groups-representing-businesses-across-the-transportation-sector-urge-biden-administration-to-reconsider-tailpipe-emissions-rules