Help us wish Ohio’s ethanol industry a happy 16th birthday!

As you know, roughly one-third of Ohio’s corn crop is used to produce ethanol. Seven refineries in the state turn 217 million bushels of corn into nearly 600 million gallons of renewable fuel each year. The emergence of that market over the past 20 years has added significantly to the value of corn produced by Ohio farmers.

Your Ohio Corn Checkoff was critical to bringing the ethanol industry to Ohio. Listen to this episode of Kernels to hear more. Or watch this video series to hear it from Tadd Nicholson, Executive Director of Ohio Corn & Wheat, and John Davis, a grower in Delaware County ad former board member.

Now, 16 years after the opening of Ohio’s first ethanol plant, farmers are still producing renewable fuel that is helping reduce Americans’ dependence on petroleum. And as importantly, the work that the Checkoff has done to grow Ohio’s ethanol industry, continues to pay dividends for farmers across the state.

Watch more videos from our series Ohio Corn and Ethanol – A History and A Look Forward here.


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