Want to get more involved?

Would you like to get involved but aren’t yet ready to assume a leadership role? Our committees offer a chance to be involved in a very specific way. Through this opportunity you will learn more about how we impact Ohio’s grain industry. We offer the following committees — just let us know which one(s) you are interested in!

The Membership-Communication Committee focuses its efforts on building membership, overseeing our outreach and educational projects and is charged with staying engaged with organization communications.

The Export Committee focuses on transportation and trade policy issues that could affect our ability to take corn and wheat to the global marketplace, in addition to managing our national partnerships and staying on top of biotech issues. 

The Domestic Demand Committee oversees work to promote and protect ethanol, in addition to being our experts about livestock, DDGs, the Farm bill and taxes affecting farmers.

Our Production and Sustainability Committee directs all our projects and work related to water quality, big data, production practices and sustainability.

As malting barley ramps up production in Ohio, our newly formed Barley Committee will examine and work toward advancing this grain. 

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