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Director of Market Development


Position Summary

This newly-created position is an opportunity for an analytical problem-solver and market development leader with experience in the agricultural industry. Our candidate is motivated to develop strategic relationships and promote the growth of corn, wheat, and co-products with end-users in Ohio. This position reports directly to the Executive Director and is a member of the leadership team who sets the vision, strategy, and implements goals for the expansion of Ohio’s role in the corn and wheat industries.

The Director of Market Development will drive four critical strategic initiatives for Ohio Corn & Wheat:

  1. Expanding current market development efforts and identifying new commercialization opportunities for the corn and wheat industries.
  2. Administer developing programs to maintain and expand markets.
  3. Research, evaluation, reporting, and analysis of the export/ domestic markets to include livestock.
  4. Engage and advise the Ohio Corn & Wheat Board of Directors regarding market changes, farm policy, new opportunities, and mitigating check-off investment risks.


Specific Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Develop and maintain relationships with contacts in business and industry, academia, government agencies, non-profit organizations, agriculture organizations, and others.
  • Work with end-users to identify market opportunities for corn and wheat utilization.
  • Monitor uses of corn and wheat in bio-based processing, including renewable chemicals, and work with industry partners to seize promising opportunities for corn and wheat farmers.
  • Monitor trade activity and facilitate trade missions.
  • Monitor issues impacting the corn and wheat industry.
  • Speak on behalf of Ohio Corn & Wheat at public meetings and organization-wide events.
  • Participate in activities that support the achievement of Ohio Corn & Wheat strategic goals.
  • Provide input to initiatives that crosscut all organizational research, promotional, educational, and policy initiatives.


Administer Market Development of Domestic and Foreign Markets (40%)

  1. Administer programs to maintain and expand markets for corn in all forms and wheat in domestic and foreign markets.
  2. Develop missions to meet with the domestic and foreign buyers of corn and wheat products
  3. Develop programs, tours, and meetings in hosting domestic and international trade teams of key buyers and personnel.
  4. Evaluate and direct educational efforts on new uses of corn and wheat such as bioplastics, green chemicals, and bio-polymer.
  5. Generate regular reports on corn and wheat usage in export and domestic markets.


Administer Market Development for Livestock (20%)

  1. Administers programs in developing, expanding, and promoting Ohio’s livestock.
  2. Develop relationships and coordinate with cooperators, associations, and organizations to expand the livestock industry and use red meat, dairy, and poultry products.


Oversight of Transportation Issues (20%)

  1. Research and evaluate all aspects of transportation and logistics of moving corn in all forms and wheat within and outside of Ohio.
  2. Research and evaluate potential programs to increase the efficiency of movement of corn in all forms, wheat, and value-added products.
  3. Summarize concerns about transportation and address the concerns with top-level personnel of the various transportation companies and the Department of Transportation.
  4. Develop and maintain relationships and conduct meetings with truck, rail, and water transportation company top-level personnel.
  5. Develop new opportunities, including containerized shipping for Ohio corn, wheat, and value-added products.


Develop Relationship Efforts with First Purchasers (20%)

  1. Develop, strengthen, and maintain relationships with first purchasers of corn and wheat, including but not limited to grain terminals, country elevators, cooperatives, and feed mills.
  2. Conduct meetings with first purchaser representatives and organizations such as the Ohio Agribusiness Association to understand the current state of their business and relate the importance of our relationship and the corn check-off program.


Critical Components for Success

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least eight years of experience in general agriculture organizations, or non-degree status with 10 years or more of direct experience in the grain sector
  • Interpersonal skills include the ability and credibility to engage and interact with key leaders from industry partners and government agencies, partnering non-profits, and other stakeholders
  • Strong written, verbal communication, and presentation skills
  • Extensive knowledge of business, economic, and grain market environments
  • Strong customer-centered relationship skills
  • Ability to present and defend point-of-view constructively and persuasively with stakeholders
  • Strong time and project management skills


Application Process

For more information or to apply, submit letter of application and resume to:

Tadd Nicholson, Executive Director
Ohio Corn & Wheat
59 Greif Parkway, Suite 101
Delaware, OH 43015

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