Corn and Small Grains Research.

We realize that research is fundamental when providing farmers with the tools needed to increase efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. We are dedicated to investing checkoff dollars in research that will enhance productivity. 
  • On-Field Ohio, Dr. Libby Dayton - evaluation and revision of the Ohio Phosphorus Risk Index, a USDA tool that allows farmers to evaluate the risk of phosphorus run off from their fields. The index is an integral part of a nutrient management plan.
  • Sources and Fates of Nutrients in Non-agricultural Ohio Surface Waters - Review of other Ohio watersheds to expand the scope of research to better understand the problems and issues.
  • Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations, Dr. Steve Culman - Updating the unbiased guideline to farmers on fertilizer application that both minimizes the risk of runoff while ensuring optimal soil and plant health. 
  • Economies of Early Wheat Harvest, Dr. Laura Lindsey - Evaluating the profitability of early wheat harvest in Ohio.
  • Scab Resistance, Dr. Piece Paul - Identifying key indicators of scabs and developing management tool.

- Use the Risk Map tool to generate a prediction of blight risk in your area. 

  • Yield, wheat virus, Dr. Clay Sneller
  • Adapt-N, Environmental Defense Fund - A professional software tool for agronomists to help deliver science-based nitrogen recommendation to farmers. 
  • Corn Phenotyping Initiative - Leveraging the corn genome, we are expanding our understanding of how corn genetics and crop environment affect crop performance to get higher yields and better quality corn.
  • Fertilizer Placement methodology , Dr. Libby Dayton
An investment in the future
Checkoff initatives are creating new and expanded markets for corn and small grains.