About Ohio Small Grains Checkoff

The Ohio Small Grains Checkoff is a voluntary, self-help program that allows for the collection of half of one percent of net market price assessment by all first purchasers of the grain. Funds from the program can only be invested for research, market development and promotion, and education purposes. 

Advancing Ohio's grains, the Ohio Small Grains Checkoff pursues value-enhancing opportunities for Ohio small grain farmers.

Core Values

Leadership: We are charged by our stakeholders, our fellow farmers, to be dedicated to the mission and vision of Ohio Small Grains Checkoff and lead through action and sound judgement which motivates, builds coalitions, and ultimately, achieves our desired objectives. 
Vision for the Future: We believe that to best represent the interests of our stakeholders, we must be forward thinking and always ready to respond and adapt as an organization.
Integrity: We must be the best we can be. We believe we must be credible, transparent and balanced, so that our integrity is clear and recognized.
Commitment to Mission: We aspire to make a difference through positive change.