About Ohio Corn Checkoff

The Ohio Corn Checkoff was approved by an affirmative vote of Ohio’s corn producers. The voluntary, self-help program allows for the collection of a three-quarters-cent-per-bushel assessment by all first purchasers of the grain. Funds from the program can only be invested for research, market development and promotion, and education purposes. 

Advancing Ohio's grains, the Ohio Corn Checkoff works to develop long-term opportunities for corn farmers.

Core Values

Vision for the Future: We are dedicated to a continued vision for the future that enhances producer profitability through market development, consumer education and proactive product research.
Commitment to Mission: We are driven by the passion of our growers and remain dedicated to pursue goals on their behalf.
Adaptable & Strategic Change: We strive to be nimble and flexible as we anticipate change and prepare to capitalize on opportunities as we move our mission forward. 
Integrity: We will operate in a consistent and transparent manner adhering to moral and ethical principles.